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So delicate is your heart, predicate from the very start
I wish that we, could talk it over

Melt the snow, let the grass grow
Don't be late, I'll pick you up at eight
Take a break, from your issues
Here's a tissue, for your tears

How do I love you, let me count the ways
How can I love you, until the end of days
Let me count the ways
Can we get by, forget the alibis
And forgive the lies, we said to each other
Give it another try
Don't isolate your wounded love,
You're the only one I ever think of
Why can't we could talk it over


I'm on my way, let me make this clear
I've been gone for days, now I need you near
Let us conjugate, and not be filled with fear
Please don't make me wait, and leave me standing here