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Tensions rising at the summit Some folks just can't get along Always someone to disrupt it Always someone don’t belong In the End it will be Winter That will last all summer long All Aliiances will splinter Pain and suffering go on It’s looks like it’s gonna be another Uranium sunset From the dred I’ve come to know With despair in every way There’s a path on the fresh fallen snow On a trail to a brand new day To a life where we can be alive again As the Nuclear Winter melts away In a Nuclear Winter, In a Nuclear freeze Warheads, bombs and missiles flying Cities burn without much trying Countrysides are scorched as well As much as to look like Hell Fallout falls from Nuke explosions Rivers flow in backwards motion Storms and floods create erosion Biblical in it’s proportion In this Nuclear Winter That goes on for many days We will survive better believe it In trying times we have our ways (This is the End) And as the world is set on fire (This is the End) And Fallout falls up to our waste (This is the End) And as we walk on this tight wire (This is the End) We’ll have a Nuclear Day (Boom)