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Connected ---Remixed w New Vocals 3-28-22

Frank Sabat, Vocals/Lyrics/Mix
Paul Miller, Music Composition/Keyboards/Arrangement

I went to the Square today, for a fun filled Saturday
The Band was playing on, a contemporary song
Then I spotted you, I think you spotted me too
And there you stopped, to window shop

You got me soaring, so high, in turquoise skies
Now I'm dying, to make a wish come true
So I start to walk towards you, and you turn and smile at me
With eyes so blue, that's all you had to do, now I'm unglued

Ahahah, we have connected, let's do some shopping too
Ahahah, could this be love
Ahahah, You've been selected, haha, I think you selected me too
Ahahah, could this be love


Ahahah, we are perfected in love it's true
Ahahah, you know we're in love
Ahahah, we're not restricted, we just do
Ahahah, We're in Love

I want you close to me, I know you want me near too

Ahahah, We are connected, you got me flying,
we are connected, so high, in turquoise skies