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Frank Sabat, Vocals/Lyrics/Melody/Mix
Paul Miller, Music Composition/Keyboards/Arrangement

I took a drive, in my car,
thinkin' how, we got this far, Oh oh Angela
You came to me, you came to please,
and showed me love, made me believe, Oh oh Angela
With you I have my home

These are the times, the best times of our lives
We read the signs, and then we realize
That we're falling, into a deep love
We hear the calling, of those turtle doves
And we coo the rest of the day
Ahh ahh ahhh ahh

We're in love, thats what I say
If you're asking me, I will parle, Oh oh Angela

"It's you and me , baby, we're entwined, that's what I'm talkin about, til the end of time
Oh darlin', it's always been you"

We're in love, that's what I say
If you're asking me(just keep asking me), I will convey, Oh oh Angela