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No one can stop this thing
That we started
No one

Our work's in a process here
A work unfinished

How do we stop this crazy feeling that has taken over us
We can't deny our fate
No One

There will never be another place in time
For this moment
In our lives
There will never be another silly rhyme
To define us
We can't be defined

And how can we deny this thing that's been given us
We can't deny what comes from above
And all the people stop and stare at the two of us
They can't deny we're in love

Nobody can deny it, Not a soul,
Not an entity, Nor the Angels,
or the Saints,
No one

I looked into your eyes
And felt the chill within the breeze
The sadness in your smile
Couldn't hide our history
Or our future that's before us, here
All around the world

Can you feel it

It's no mystery
The work unfinished
that we started
I'm under your thumb
They can't deny we're in love
No One Not a Soul
Not a one