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Life is Good

The Corporate News, with prime time views
To the way that we’re supposed to feel
They set the pace, occupy your space
To make you think that they’re for real
They intensify a stack of lies
To slip into your door
To make you think that this world stinks
They drill it to your core
But life is good
It’s so grand
It is wonderful
To live in this land
Life is good
Compared to most
Give the glory
To our Host
Because life is good

We wake up in the morning
And go on through the night
The news just gives me warnings
But here it seems alright
Life is good
It’s so grand
Find your truth
And make a plan
If you need some help
just take my hand

It’s worth the fight
You’re future is bright

Try to see it through
It was made for you


Ahhhhhhhhhs Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhh
Ahhhhhhhhhhs Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhh
Life is Good